Sugar, Spice, & Everything Nice

“Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice. Those were the ingredients chosen. To create the perfect little girls.” Growing up, I loved the Powderpuff Girls such powerful feminine role models. Sure, sometimes they were silly, but they still fought evil like a boss.

Today, finally the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines were released. Hip-Hip Hooray!

Most important for general healthy individuals, I think the recommendations for limiting added sugar is most important. While limiting added sugar should be done, its also important to remember that some added sugar is acceptable. In fact, the guidelines say 10% (or less) is okay-so enjoy some added sugar. Don’t worry, I had my chocolate chip cookie today.

What is added sugar? Essentially, its sugars that are added to sweeten foods. For example:

  • Table sugar
  • Brown sugar
  • Honey
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup

Added sugar can be hiding in your diet in places such as your breakfast cereals, cookies, breads, and yogurts.

Remember the Dietary Guidelines are just recommendations, please reach out to a registered dietitian and your medical providers before making changes to your diet.


Sandwich in Moderation

“Everything in moderation.” I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, but in practice what does it mean? For me and my life, it means eat and living healthfully most of time. I indulge occasionally. For example, I am currently treating myself to some Panera Bread. I ate a light lunch (funi cabbage salad-recipe to come later), so I can indulge this evening. My favorite item at Panera is the Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich. Sure, the sandwich has a few questionable ingredients (stabilizers, etc.), but I don’t eat it everyday (or even every month).

  • Reasons, I like it- a decent amount of healthy veggies (lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes) perfectly sandwiched between savory tomato basil bread with cilantro jalapeno hummus.
  • Reason to enjoy in moderation= 94 grams of carbs and 1430mg of sodium is high.

So..what’s a girl to do? Enjoy half the sandwich with a side of salad. This way I can still enjoy the  yummy sandwich, while still being health conscious. Yummy sandwiches for dinner, once in awhile. Balance is key. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll enjoy some cake in moderation (along with lots of veggies, fruits, nuts, and grains) – who knows what tomorrow brings?

Note: Recent studies and articles have claimed that eating “everything in moderation is killing people.” These are referring to studies in which the people still ate a significant amounts of junk food. Consuming soda, chips, and other snacks in large amounts means that you have less room in your stomach to eat healthy foods- fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and lean proteins. By including copious amounts of junk food in your diet, you are leaving out necessary nutrients and the health benefits of whole foods. Focus first on eating whole foods and meals, then enjoy junk foods in moderation. #sandwichinmoderation

Food Trends 2016: Want to be trendy? Here’s how…

Six easy steps to a trendy 2016!! From fermented foods to fresh florals-2016 looks great! Please complete these 6 steps, to be on top of all the trends. Be a real 2016 foodie!

Step 1: Drink Kombucha or some other probiotic carbonated drink option. Make sure to drink it really fast so the bubbles come back through your nose.

Step 2: Go the ocean. Find some seaweed for a quick snack.

Step 3: Full fat is back= eat an entire stick of butter (and nothing else).

Step 4: Fresh florals such as lavender can make great meals. Eat an entire floral meal. Don’t just garnish with the flowers, only eat the flowers.

Step 5: Sautéed Vegetable leaves are a great way to reduce waste. Buy the whole sweet potato plant, cook the leaves, and toss the rest of the plant.

Step 6: Kale remains king of all vegetables (with the queen being Sweet potatoes). Eat kale all day, everyday!

Note: This are all sarcastic recommendations. Please do NOT attempt. I mean you may certainly try some of these food options, just don’t over do it.

Looking forward to what other trends 2016 has to bring! In all seriousness though, feel free to go to your local grocery store, perhaps Trader Joe’s and check out new food offerings.

Photo cred: Myself– The above photo is an example of what an actual “trendy” dish could look like. A mixed green salad (with baby kale & red kale) topped with tuna salad.



Welcome 2016

2015 was great year! SO, why am I here? Sighs, I know, I know – I said I’d never blog or write online. Well, never say never because here I am. But really, why Emily are you here? In 2015, I made it a personal goal to be more transparent and kinder to others. As the year went by, I found myself wanting to share all the nutrition information I had learned over the years (as well as some funny running stories). So for 2016, my goal is simply this: I will share more. I will share nutrition information, running stories, cooking failures, memes, and other musings via this platform with you. Whether you chose to join the journey is up to you. 🙂

Welcome 2016 and welcome to Kean on Nutrition!