Balance? Story of a Recovering Snapchaddict

Balance, I thought I had it. Sure, a few people have recommended that I need some more balance in my life. Work, running, and food are my 3 main things in life. I occasionally added in some yoga and sleep for “balance.” I thought I had balance with my typical day…

A typical day looked like this: Wake up, do yoga, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, snack, workout, dinner, and bedtime.

This is what I left out of the above schedule: my newly found communications habit. 2016 was the year- the year of me connecting with everyone- friends from the past, new friends, etc. So at breakfast- I’d shoot a few texts (or snaps), maybe do some texting on the way to work, answer a few texts at lunch time, and then when I came home- the texting game was really on. If I’m being honest, I spent a few hours texting, Snapchatting, and using other apps for a few hours every evening. I was ok with this- I figured it seemed more beneficial than a Netflix Binge and I was still getting in my fitness (see above schedule for reference of yoga and running!). How could it be so wrong to use for phone to communicating with people? How many Snaps is too many? 10 snaps a day seems reasonable to friends, right?

Well, I’ll share with you how it went wrong…

After about a month of increased phone communications, my neck and shoulder starting hurting. I assumed I slept “funny” so I briefly let the pain linger. After about week, I finally went to the doctor.  What was my diagnosis, you ask? “TEXT NECK!”

Sure, I had heard of “text neck.” It was a disease that plagued teenagers glued to their phone 24/7. Not me, it couldn’t happen to me. I exercise, I stretch, and I eat healthy! I only use my phone moderately for the most part (except for those binge sessions every evening). Clearly, I have a problem and need to fix and prevent text neck from ever occurring again.

My Game Plan is as follows:

  1. Continue to see the doctor and get some trigger point therapy to deal with acute pain/ situation
  2. Continue stretching and doing yoga at home
  3. Limit Snapchat usage to once daily for maximum of 30 mins and delete extraneous apps (p.s. 5 days into Feb and I think I am doing rather well)
  4. Turn the phone off and some enjoy some Netflix bingeing (suggestions welcomed)

Yes, I am embarrassed about my current situation, but I’ll continue to share, because I do not want it to happen to you. Text neck, don’t let it happen to you or your friends! Don’t become a snapchaddict. Just in case, you do get it here are some great stretches.

Happy stretching and powering down! Hope you find your balance,

Emily (Snapchat Username: keannutrition for delicious food and other healthy snaps)



Published by

Kean Nutrition

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Emily’s passion for nutrition began in middle school along with the interest of vegetarianism. Originally from Pennsylvania, Emily Kean earned a Nutrition and Food Science with an emphasis in Dietetics from Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA. Kean completed her MBA at Dominican University in River Forest, IL while simultaneously completing the requirements for a dietetic internship. In her free time, Emily enjoys running, doing yoga, and researching nutrition topics. Combining healthy eating and running is passion of mine. Join me on this journey!

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