Airport Food= Gross & unhealthy, right?

Wrong! Much to my pleasant surprise, I have recently found some great healthy food at airports. Don’t get me wrong, I still carry my own food (bars, fruit, and veggie snacks). Sometimes its nice to get a warm meal while waiting for your flight.


My biggest tip is to do your research. Look at restaurant choices and menus, before your trip. This will save you time at the airport and make sure you don’t end up with an unhealthy choice. Warning the following options I chose include lots of deliciousness and nutrition (vegetables, fiber, protein and more)!

Meals I’ve enjoyed

  1. PHX: La Grande Orange– Spicy Chickpea Lettuce Wrap (see pic below)
  2. ORD: Frontera Grill– Mushroom Tortas sans bread
  3. BWI: Chipotle– classic options, but don’t forget this is one of the only ones that has Breakfast!


Things to look for:

  1. Vegetables! Maybe chose a salad as a base and start there.
  2. Beans? Are there beans? Beans can fill you up and provide protein and fiber.
  3. Fruit– Maybe you didn’t bring you own fruit. Most cafes/ kiosks have fruit or a fruit salad.

Things to watch out for:

  1. Smoothies- some of those smoothies are large portion sizes and can contain a lot of sugar.
  2. Bars- Not all bars are created equal. Look for bars made with whole foods and a small amount of added sugar.
  3. Drinks- Don’t splurge (calories or your moo-la) on a drink. Most airports have water bottle refilling stations. Bring an empty water in your carry-on to fill up after security.

Peace. See ya in a few East Coasters!