Chicago Marathon 2016

All the Miles (from what I remember)…

Mile 0: Cool, calm, and collected. Shockingly, I have never felt this relaxed before a race. Just chilling in corral F.

Mile 0.1: Pacer dude ran into me (he did apologize), coming back from port-o-potty. Someone was having issues…(laughing on the inside).

Mile 0.5: Huh, why do my shorts keep falling down? Oh, I forgot to tie them. I better tie them. Seems like too much effort to tuck the drawstring in, I’ll leave it, that’s cool right?

Mile 1-6: Okay nice and easy. Hmm…I am around this pace group.

Mile 3/4: Family!!

Mile: 6-10: Hmmmm….still with the pacing group. Can’t decide if it’s helpful to stay with them to get by other people or just annoying.

Mile 10: Family!!

Mile 10-16: Settling in. Okay, I’ll pick it up a bit…I got this.

Mile 12: Ashley said, she’d be around here… runs to right side…Hmm, I don’t see her. Mile 13: Bummer, I must have missed her (and apparently the best signs ever- see below).

Mile 13.1: Halfway done!! Wait, I just ran a half!

Mile 13.5: SWATI!! I see SWATI! It’s so cool, she’s rogue with all the bananas. Do I want a banana? Nah, its not part of my fueling plan, but it sounds cool. I’ll just say HI!!! (Swati is a BFF and the coolest most supportive lady! She’s also a vegan. 🙂

Mile 15: Hey it’s dude from work! I can’t believe I see him. HEY YOU! (Race mind aka what is his name?) Johnny, it’s Johnny. I call him by his name everyday. lol.

Mile 16: I am getting away from this pace group. I can’t deal with them.

Mile 17: HELLO OISELLE! Only clearly recognized 2 ppl. Kinda wanted to stop and hug everyone, but also wanted to keep running. Was afraid of what might happen if I stopped.

Mile 17.1: Family!!

Mile 18: Best Foot Forward and Oak Park Runners Group!! EMILY FROM TRACK! YAY!! This is where I volunteered last year. Maybe, I should volunteer again. Why am I running?

Miles 20-26: is when things got weird. Right before mile 20, I was getting ready to tear it up. I was in the mindset and felt strong. Mile 20- got more crowded. I didn’t know how to not run into people, I kept running into people, because I refused to slow down.

Mile 20.1: searing neck pain (perhaps more on this later, currently in PT and going to the doctor), and I just wanted to quit. All this training, legs injury free, and I have neck pain, I’m done, I’m out. HELLO MED TENT? Ok, I skipped the med tent. I knew I was okay, but I just wanted the neck pain to go away; I couldn’t fight through it. I decided to walk, stretch my neck, and try to finish.

Miles 20.2-24: Blur miles, I’m doing this, but pain… What mile is it?

Mile 22: November Project!! Oh, it’s so good they are cheering for people and hugging. I don’t wanna be cheered for…I’m sucking at this…bye, I’m hiding. Embarrassed, just feeling embarrassed.

Mile 22.1: I see another Emily from NP. I say Hi. I can deal with 1 person! I also saw her encouraging another NP’er (from LA, I think). Way to go everyone, we’re doing this.

Mile 24: Hey only 2 more miles! Still lots of ppl, let’s finish this. I wonder if I can catch up to the pace group that passed me….lol. Nope, they too far out. All the med tents, should I stop? Nah, I’ll stop at the end.

Mile 26.2: Hey look I finished STRONG and still under 4 hours…Okay, that’s acceptable.

When your best isn’t really your best. I did my best? But really I did. I keep trying to convince myself. Okay, so it was my best effort despite some issues- namely a cold. A giant head cold. When you have to add RICOLA (yes, I always sing it), you know it’s not gonna be the best run.

Also, I’m not a runner…I didn’t run on a HS or college team, so some things are still strange for me:

  1. running with others or in this case I kept literally running into others…
  2. pacing is still difficult for me…(cough, cough I may have accidentally done some speedy miles during taper time).

Focusing on the good!

  1. I RAN A MARATHON- A WHOLE MARATHON! 26.2 Miles in case, you didn’t know. It feels like the first time, because 2 years I did the marathon injured with a run/ walk strategy. I made it through this time around, injury-free!
  2. FUELING- I have really dialed in my nutrition and fueling. I have found what works for me and am so thankful!
  3. COACH SUPPORT- Coach is the best. Everyone get a coach, very beneficial.
  4. CROWD SUPPORT- Oiselle Cowbell Corner was the best. November Project  Also huge shoutout to anyone that was along the course.
  5. FAMILY SUPPORT- My family made it to 3 locations along the course! Very impressive.

What’s next….Another marathon, maybe?  Maybe a smaller race for a BQing purposes? But definitely more running!!

Psss…If you want the full gory story,  look up my finish line photos and laugh with me. Real running….SMH.