Chicago Marathon 2016

All the Miles (from what I remember)…

Mile 0: Cool, calm, and collected. Shockingly, I have never felt this relaxed before a race. Just chilling in corral F.

Mile 0.1: Pacer dude ran into me (he did apologize), coming back from port-o-potty. Someone was having issues…(laughing on the inside).

Mile 0.5: Huh, why do my shorts keep falling down? Oh, I forgot to tie them. I better tie them. Seems like too much effort to tuck the drawstring in, I’ll leave it, that’s cool right?

Mile 1-6: Okay nice and easy. Hmm…I am around this pace group.

Mile 3/4: Family!!

Mile: 6-10: Hmmmm….still with the pacing group. Can’t decide if it’s helpful to stay with them to get by other people or just annoying.

Mile 10: Family!!

Mile 10-16: Settling in. Okay, I’ll pick it up a bit…I got this.

Mile 12: Ashley said, she’d be around here… runs to right side…Hmm, I don’t see her. Mile 13: Bummer, I must have missed her (and apparently the best signs ever- see below).

Mile 13.1: Halfway done!! Wait, I just ran a half!

Mile 13.5: SWATI!! I see SWATI! It’s so cool, she’s rogue with all the bananas. Do I want a banana? Nah, its not part of my fueling plan, but it sounds cool. I’ll just say HI!!! (Swati is a BFF and the coolest most supportive lady! She’s also a vegan. 🙂

Mile 15: Hey it’s dude from work! I can’t believe I see him. HEY YOU! (Race mind aka what is his name?) Johnny, it’s Johnny. I call him by his name everyday. lol.

Mile 16: I am getting away from this pace group. I can’t deal with them.

Mile 17: HELLO OISELLE! Only clearly recognized 2 ppl. Kinda wanted to stop and hug everyone, but also wanted to keep running. Was afraid of what might happen if I stopped.

Mile 17.1: Family!!

Mile 18: Best Foot Forward and Oak Park Runners Group!! EMILY FROM TRACK! YAY!! This is where I volunteered last year. Maybe, I should volunteer again. Why am I running?

Miles 20-26: is when things got weird. Right before mile 20, I was getting ready to tear it up. I was in the mindset and felt strong. Mile 20- got more crowded. I didn’t know how to not run into people, I kept running into people, because I refused to slow down.

Mile 20.1: searing neck pain (perhaps more on this later, currently in PT and going to the doctor), and I just wanted to quit. All this training, legs injury free, and I have neck pain, I’m done, I’m out. HELLO MED TENT? Ok, I skipped the med tent. I knew I was okay, but I just wanted the neck pain to go away; I couldn’t fight through it. I decided to walk, stretch my neck, and try to finish.

Miles 20.2-24: Blur miles, I’m doing this, but pain… What mile is it?

Mile 22: November Project!! Oh, it’s so good they are cheering for people and hugging. I don’t wanna be cheered for…I’m sucking at this…bye, I’m hiding. Embarrassed, just feeling embarrassed.

Mile 22.1: I see another Emily from NP. I say Hi. I can deal with 1 person! I also saw her encouraging another NP’er (from LA, I think). Way to go everyone, we’re doing this.

Mile 24: Hey only 2 more miles! Still lots of ppl, let’s finish this. I wonder if I can catch up to the pace group that passed me….lol. Nope, they too far out. All the med tents, should I stop? Nah, I’ll stop at the end.

Mile 26.2: Hey look I finished STRONG and still under 4 hours…Okay, that’s acceptable.

When your best isn’t really your best. I did my best? But really I did. I keep trying to convince myself. Okay, so it was my best effort despite some issues- namely a cold. A giant head cold. When you have to add RICOLA (yes, I always sing it), you know it’s not gonna be the best run.

Also, I’m not a runner…I didn’t run on a HS or college team, so some things are still strange for me:

  1. running with others or in this case I kept literally running into others…
  2. pacing is still difficult for me…(cough, cough I may have accidentally done some speedy miles during taper time).

Focusing on the good!

  1. I RAN A MARATHON- A WHOLE MARATHON! 26.2 Miles in case, you didn’t know. It feels like the first time, because 2 years I did the marathon injured with a run/ walk strategy. I made it through this time around, injury-free!
  2. FUELING- I have really dialed in my nutrition and fueling. I have found what works for me and am so thankful!
  3. COACH SUPPORT- Coach is the best. Everyone get a coach, very beneficial.
  4. CROWD SUPPORT- Oiselle Cowbell Corner was the best. November Project  Also huge shoutout to anyone that was along the course.
  5. FAMILY SUPPORT- My family made it to 3 locations along the course! Very impressive.

What’s next….Another marathon, maybe?  Maybe a smaller race for a BQing purposes? But definitely more running!!

Psss…If you want the full gory story,  look up my finish line photos and laugh with me. Real running….SMH.


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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Emily’s passion for nutrition began in middle school along with the interest of vegetarianism. Originally from Pennsylvania, Emily Kean earned a Nutrition and Food Science with an emphasis in Dietetics from Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA. Kean completed her MBA at Dominican University in River Forest, IL while simultaneously completing the requirements for a dietetic internship. In her free time, Emily enjoys running, doing yoga, and researching nutrition topics. Combining healthy eating and running is passion of mine. Join me on this journey!

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