Gifting Weird 2016

Needs some gift ideas for me (or you other favorite weirdo runners)? Look no further! I have compiled a shortlist of  quick gift ideas. (Tip: take a note from Oiselle, always gift weird).

  1. Local Foods. Okay, so I’m a dietitian that’s also part foodie and coffee connoisseur. Food makes a great gift; it can be eaten up without cluttery up my apartment. Plus, who doesn’t love tasty food?
    • Coffee beans from a local roastery.
    • Local honey to soothe a sore throat or paired with afternoon tea.
  2. Underwear & socks- Back to the gifting weird. Somehow, a lady can just never have enough socks or underwear.
    • Socks- Fancy Stance and Balega socks are my favorites.
    • Underwear- O has new Rundies.
  3. Some inspiration B.S. (because we all go through tough times and can use some motivation). A nice  motivational reminder from a loved one is always appreciated.
    • Handwritten card or if you’re uncreative like me, Hallmark always has options.
    • Jewelry (see picture). Momentum, often found a local running store, is a great option.
  4. Essentials Oils- More on these later, but for now- Google Doterra and Ask me!
  5. Giftcard for you copouts and can’t pick out a gift.
    • Local Running Store
    • Favorite Brand
    • Grocery store

P.s. Run Fast and Break Things!!! 🙂