Post F3 5k Recovery Week Recap

Week of Jan. 30, 2017

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 5 miles with Lululemon Training Tuesdays

Wednesday: Craft Beer Run at Hamburger Mary’s (It was a delicious black bean and spelt veggie burger with fries- because when was the last time I had fries?)


Thursday: 6 miles (oh look the new part of the riverwalk is open).

Friday: off

Saturday: Best Foot Forward Run at Sugar Beet (donuts included, later Kale stirfry with brown rice and seitan. Afternoon Yoga!

Sunday: 8.5 Mile trail run with Edge. Packed a PB and Berry Smoothie bowl with chia seeds and kefir for later.

Up Next Week: More funning (aka fun running only).


F3 5k Race Recap


F3…what does it stand for?  3 Fs, of course= F’ing Freezing Frozen. In years previous, I’ve heard the course has been brutal- icy, windy, frozen, and perhaps even slightly dangerous. Thankfully, this year I was signed up for the 5k and it was only moderate winter weather (28 degrees and slightly windy).

My race: After an intense 8 week training plan for the 5k, it was somewhat of a downer, to not PR and not be able to come in the top 3…I was so close. Why no PR? According to my training, and speedwork, I should have been able to PR.  Well, it comes down to race day, I was still exhausted from a busy and stressful week, not to mention my current injury. At mile 2.8, I saw one of my usual stretching areas, so I wanted to stop and I did actually did pause. And then it was all over… It was Chicago marathon mile 18 all over again, significant loss of feeling and pain and I panicked, but that’s another story. Anyways, I didn’t PR, but 4th woman…I guess that’s cool.

The course was Chicago lakefront, which I regularly run, so I liked the familiarity. The best part is meeting up in the United Club before and after the race, because who wants to stand in cold? Plus, you get to meet all your friends and “steal” one of their new 2018 November Project buffs.  Post race party at Kroll’s was also enjoyable. It’s the finer details that matter. The 2018 1/4 zip is a pretty great race perk. Thanks to Flashframe for free digital photo downloads!  Overall, a lovely and well-run race. Would I do it again? Yes, I’d definitely do the 5k again; the half might just be too cold for me in the Winter.


Pre race nutrition: Early morn-Peanut butter toast and kefir, closer to race- Picky bar

During race nutrition: Nada, it’s a 5k, guys.

Post race nutrition: Immediately after gatorade (~6oz), and half a bagel. Later: Nuun and Shrimp and grits, and Golden Ale.

That medal is kinda big…

January, Week 4 Training Recap

Week 8 of 5k training aka RACE Week

Monday: “Easy 30 minute run” turned into a speedy run since I was emotional upset about things.

Tuesday: Speedwork: 2 miles warm up, 4xlight strides, 2 miles@goal pace,3 mins jog, 2x200with 1 min between, 1 mile cooldown.I forgot to turn around so an additional CD mile. Speedwork was so easy! I can definitely PR this 5k!

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: Actually EASY 30 min run. 🙂

Friday: 10 mins easy jog, and 4x light 20 second strides on the 606. Umm, was this even a run, it was so short? haha.

Saturday: F3 5k RACE! Or maybe race 2.8 miles, panic, pause, and then finish? I panicked at mile 2.8; it was like Chicago marathon all over again… Race Recap to come. 🙂

Sunday: 2 mile recovery run 🙂

Up next week: Easy and all the group runs. 🙂