January, Week 4 Training Recap

Week 8 of 5k training aka RACE Week

Monday: “Easy 30 minute run” turned into a speedy run since I was emotional upset about things.

Tuesday: Speedwork: 2 miles warm up, 4xlight strides, 2 miles@goal pace,3 mins jog, 2x200with 1 min between, 1 mile cooldown.I forgot to turn around so an additional CD mile. Speedwork was so easy! I can definitely PR this 5k!

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: Actually EASY 30 min run. 🙂

Friday: 10 mins easy jog, and 4x light 20 second strides on the 606. Umm, was this even a run, it was so short? haha.

Saturday: F3 5k RACE! Or maybe race 2.8 miles, panic, pause, and then finish? I panicked at mile 2.8; it was like Chicago marathon all over again… Race Recap to come. 🙂

Sunday: 2 mile recovery run 🙂

Up next week: Easy and all the group runs. 🙂


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