What I Ate Wednesday

Well, I mean since all the cool kids on Instagram are doing it. I’ll share What I ate today, too; I’ll also share my inner thoughts and hunger cues.

Morning: Picky bar. I was really hungry and thirsty when I woke up, making me wonder if I underfueled yesterday (yikes!) In any case, I made sure to eat and drink lots of water.

Mid-morning: Scrambled egg w/ spinach, mushrooms, and cheese, pomegranate seeds, toast w/ nutella, and COFFEE. I was definitely still hungry for a “real” breakfast, so I made a warm breakfast. It’s cold out, so I like to eat warm food. Of course, the dietitian add veggies to breakfast, but I was mainly trying to prevent food waste. The mushrooms were looking a little peaked.

Lunch: Pesto pasta w/ tofu and roasted brussels. I considered eating salad, but again I wanted warm food and realized I wouldn’t have much time this evening to make dinner due to my work schedule. Whole grain pasta because fiber will keep me full…

Snack (while typing this): popcorn and caffeinated NUUN. Nope, I need a snack, plus I love salty crunchy foods.

Dinner: Beer at Craft Beer Run and Salad. Beer & salad, haha. I like to eat bigger meals for breakfast and lunch. I have always preferred this and while not always possible, if I’m able to I like to eat lighter dinners (but not light beer). Dark beers are definitely my preference. 🙂

Also, I’m making my 2018 schedule, so if you have any suggestions let me know!