Global Running Day 2017

Happy Global Running Day! Well, throwback edition! With all the hoopla of social media and Instagram,  Global Running Day exploded! I loved watching and seeing all the runs! A day just to celebrate running…isn’t every day meant to be spent enjoying life and running? But of all the special day holidays, I think this is one that makes sense! Running brings people together. During group runs, people share- people share their day’s, stories, and more. What’s better than a day created to celebrate the shares and community? Brands, run teams, people, and beer were all brought together on Global Running Day.

By being injured and not running, I’ve missed the social time with friends. So why not show up to a group run and enjoy some apple cider and food? Because, really isn’t that what Global Running Day is about? (Bringing people together.)

P.s. I also planned a couple group runs with Lane 9 and Sports Bra Squad on Global Running Day. More to come on this!


Post F3 5k Recovery Week Recap

Week of Jan. 30, 2017

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 5 miles with Lululemon Training Tuesdays

Wednesday: Craft Beer Run at Hamburger Mary’s (It was a delicious black bean and spelt veggie burger with fries- because when was the last time I had fries?)


Thursday: 6 miles (oh look the new part of the riverwalk is open).

Friday: off

Saturday: Best Foot Forward Run at Sugar Beet (donuts included, later Kale stirfry with brown rice and seitan. Afternoon Yoga!

Sunday: 8.5 Mile trail run with Edge. Packed a PB and Berry Smoothie bowl with chia seeds and kefir for later.

Up Next Week: More funning (aka fun running only).

January, Week 4 Training Recap

Week 8 of 5k training aka RACE Week

Monday: “Easy 30 minute run” turned into a speedy run since I was emotional upset about things.

Tuesday: Speedwork: 2 miles warm up, 4xlight strides, 2 miles@goal pace,3 mins jog, 2x200with 1 min between, 1 mile cooldown.I forgot to turn around so an additional CD mile. Speedwork was so easy! I can definitely PR this 5k!

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: Actually EASY 30 min run. 🙂

Friday: 10 mins easy jog, and 4x light 20 second strides on the 606. Umm, was this even a run, it was so short? haha.

Saturday: F3 5k RACE! Or maybe race 2.8 miles, panic, pause, and then finish? I panicked at mile 2.8; it was like Chicago marathon all over again… Race Recap to come. 🙂

Sunday: 2 mile recovery run 🙂

Up next week: Easy and all the group runs. 🙂

January, Week 3 Training Recap

Week 7 of 5k training

Monday: NP popup at Tribune Tower and Easy 30 min run

Tuesday: Day off- Just wasn’t feeling 100%.

Wednesday: Speedwork with Fleet Feet Racing Team (and Tacos).WU, 2 800s, 4 400s, CD

Thursday: 4 miles and strides

Friday: 6 miles, core and strength

Saturday: Yoga TT and 3 glorious miles in the SHORTS. The weather was beautiful!

Sunday: Finished Yoga TT. Officially a Yoga teacher! I taught an entire class on my own, focused on GLUTES. I demoed poses, spoke cues, and provided a safe space for Yogis!

Easy training week! Tapering for this upcoming 5k! I’m excited.



January, Week 2 Training Recap

Week 6 of 5k training

Monday: 7 Miles in the snow on the 606 (I made my friends show up, haha). Core and strength.

Tuesday: Speedwork- WU, 4 strides, 4x 800s, 4x 400s, 1 800, CD.

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: 6 Miles and Strides, Physical Therapy

Friday: 10 miles, core and strength

Saturday: Yoga TT

Sunday: Yoga TT

Triangle is one of my favorite yoga poses.


Long Week….That’s all. Happy Running, Eating, and all that you do in life!

January, Week 1 Training Recap

Week 5 of 5k training

Monday: ~30 min run  and November Project Pop-up at Tribune Tower

Tuesday: Speedwork, 2 miles at pace, 6 miles total, Physical Therapy

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: 7 Miles and Strides, Physical Therapy

Friday: November Project

Saturday:2 YOGA classes

Sunday: 2 Run: 7 miles (very cold miles outside) and 5 miles (treadmill), 1 yoga class, JASyoga recovery session, core & strength work, Edge Compression Recovery Boots

And as always, I am doing physical therapy on my own for both my glutes and arm/ shoulder. It was a rough week, but with the Recovery Boots on Sunday I did NOT need a nap after my long run. I repeat, I did NOT nap after my long run, which has almost never ever happened. I may have to join Edge….seems like a real game changer.