January, Week 1 Training Recap

Week 5 of 5k training

Monday: ~30 min run  and November Project Pop-up at Tribune Tower

Tuesday: Speedwork, 2 miles at pace, 6 miles total, Physical Therapy

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: 7 Miles and Strides, Physical Therapy

Friday: November Project

Saturday:2 YOGA classes

Sunday: 2 Run: 7 miles (very cold miles outside) and 5 miles (treadmill), 1 yoga class, JASyoga recovery session, core & strength work, Edge Compression Recovery Boots

And as always, I am doing physical therapy on my own for both my glutes and arm/ shoulder. It was a rough week, but with the Recovery Boots on Sunday I did NOT need a nap after my long run. I repeat, I did NOT nap after my long run, which has almost never ever happened. I may have to join Edge….seems like a real game changer.



2017 Goals, OH HEY 5k

2017 has started off strong with a group run of 2.16 and then 2.17 miles with Best Foot Forward (and quick chat about sharing meals). My favorite restaurant trick is to split a meal with friend or eat half and take the other half home. The first November Project of the year was also a good one (pop-up at the Tribune Tower).

BBF New Year’s Run 2017

New Year, New Me? Ehh, I’m all about self improvement, year round! But it is the beginning of the year, so I’ve set some goals.


  1. Yoga! Finish Yoga Teacher Training and start teaching! That’s right in less than a month, I’ll be a legit Yoga Teacher with a fancy certificate and everything.
  2. Happiness/ Finding myself! Continue reining in the honesty/ keeping the filter on. ūüôā Continue doing things that make me happy- Running, Yoga, Brunch, nutrition work, etc.
  3. Race Smart! Since, I’m still currently injured, I’ve committed 2017 to year of short distance races. Oh hey 5k!! 5ks and weird distances only! Pss…I’m also excited to be a Chicago Athlete Ambassador (look for race recaps from me¬†on their page).

Races currently on the books:

January 28th:¬†F3 5k– Holy Smokes, I’m really training for it. It’s only taken me 3 attempts! 2 years ago, I volunteered. And last year, I was unable to train.

March 11th:Get Lucky 7k– A unique distance and cool swag!

April 15th: Quarter MarathonРMy ONLY marathon of the year.

April 23rd:¬†Good Life Race– I missed this race year. I’m glad to be doing it this year. It’s Oak Park’s finest!

May: TBD. Currently looking at 2 5k options- One in Colorado and one in Chicagoland. Maybe both!

July: Chinatown 5k and Hemingway 8k

October: Chicago International 5k

December: Chi-town Rising NYE 5k

Here’s to 2017 being a great year!!

Yoga Teacher Training (Adrienne is such a boss!)

2016 Recap

Jumping on the 2016 recap bandwagon….

In summary, I met a lot of great people! Oiselle Volée  and November Project people are some real inspiring people. I mean, who wakes up early to run, do pushups, and have fun? November Project! And who has an adult running camp- Oiselle Volée sure does!

November Project- I love Candy Workout
Fall Great Lakes Bird Camp 2016

Random things that I learned throughout 2016

Running- I learned I loved running the Chicago Lakefront path. There was lots of good running and races (see shadow photo?).

Yoga- It sure does help my running, but it also balances me overall. It helps me deal with daily stress, so I don’t stress.

Strength¬†training/ ¬†bodyweight exercises- Don’t quite strength¬†training to train for a marathon, you’ll possibly end up injured like me.

Nutrition – Yes, it’s important. Then again I guess I knew that, after 6 years of nutrition/ dietetics education. Although to be fair, I notice when I slack in eating healthy foods, my training and overall health suffer.

Work- Who knew I’d come up with Hangover Hacks? ¬†Other highlights include connecting with other RDs, writing blog posts, nutrition facts panel updates, lots of emails, much more.

Sleep- Gotta get that in. I like a solid 8-10 hours depending on my training.

Trucker Hats- Is it just me or do I look good in hats, especially Trucker hats? (see Bend photo below).

Travel- It’s a toss up. I love Bend and Boston. Great People and food makes for ¬†great places.

Lifepoints Weekend in Bend
At NP Boston with Jenna (check out her new blog).

Here’s to 2017!! ¬†Currently setting some mindful goals over here. You should do the same! Hit me up, if you want some nutrition-related suggestions.

What’s in my Bag

What’s in my bag? I hear this question a lot. My bookbag is often overflowing and while I try to condense, EVERYTHING¬†is essential! ¬†(Cat not included.) As Grandma used to say, “My bag is my life.”

  • Food- top priority gotta fuel the machine over here. Typically, I pack a lunch and a few snacks (mid morning and mid afternoon). Example: Mid morning snack: Almonds & Orange, Lunch: Seitan, spinach, and brown rice (green mug/bowl), Afternoon snack: Banana & Kefir (from refrigerator)
  • Hydration- Even in the winter you have to hydrate! Nuun is great for all electrolytes. (Even in the winter, I am drenched in sweat after a speed workout).
  • Coach’s¬†papers- I’m old school like that. I print Coach’s running plan, core workout, and drills for easy reference. I’m currently on my 5k plan for the F3 Winter 5k. (Thanks Coach Becki Spellman)
  • Running clothes & Shoes: socks, tights, top, underwear, bra, headband, buff, etc. Mostly Oiselle, but you probably knew that. The Runwear Pullover is my favorite, recently I said, “I love it. I’m not sure how I ever lived without it. I wore it today with some rain drizzle. I love the chest. It protects my boobs and makes me feel strong.”
  • Toiletries- bare minimum= hair brush, dry shampoo, deodorant, and bismoline. The Bismoline is actually from my Grandma and it’s great for blister prevention. Who ran at lunch? Not me….You’d never know.
  • ¬†Massage/Lacrosse ball: You never know when you might need to roll out!
  • Doterra’s Athlete Kit: If I feel like I¬†need a boost, feeling sick, or need some muscle pain relief? Doterra’s Athlete kit has me covered. Essential Oils for speed (peppermint), sickness (Onguard- citrus and clove), relaxation (lavender), and pain relief (deep blue rub) .
  • Not pictured: work papers (trust me, you don’t want to read my notes), flashdrive, keys, wallet, phone, maybe some other things, I forgot. haha.

And now you know, what’s in my bag! So yea, Grandma was right- my bag is my life. I’ve got a November Project shirt, a Lively headband, run your butt off Rundies, and food- which is definitely essential.


Gifting Weird 2016

Needs some gift ideas for me (or you other favorite weirdo runners)? Look no further! I have compiled a shortlist of  quick gift ideas. (Tip: take a note from Oiselle, always gift weird).

  1. Local Foods. Okay, so I’m a dietitian that’s also part foodie and coffee connoisseur. Food makes a great gift; it can be eaten up without cluttery up my apartment. Plus, who doesn’t love tasty food?
    • Coffee beans from a local roastery.
    • Local honey to soothe a sore throat or paired with afternoon tea.
  2. Underwear & socks- Back to the gifting weird. Somehow, a lady can just never have enough socks or underwear.
    • Socks- Fancy Stance and Balega socks are my favorites.
    • Underwear- O has new Rundies.
  3. Some inspiration B.S. (because we all go through tough times and can use some motivation). A nice  motivational reminder from a loved one is always appreciated.
    • Handwritten card or if you’re uncreative like me, Hallmark always has options.
    • Jewelry (see picture). Momentum, often found a local running store, is a great option.
  4. Essentials Oils- More on these later, but for now- Google Doterra and Ask me!
  5. Giftcard for you copouts and can’t pick out a gift.
    • Local Running Store
    • Favorite Brand
    • Grocery store

P.s. Run Fast and Break Things!!! ūüôā

Cranberry-Pumpkin Risotto

This unique risotto is rather simple and vegan. Originally called Thanksgiving risotto, it’s a great dish served anytime during the fall. In fact, I just had some leftovers for lunch. The fresh tart cranberries give it a nice punch and the creamy pumpkin really brings the dish together. Carrots and kale also star in the veggie packed risotto.

Time: ~ 1 1/2 hours (okay that’s a lot of time, but most of it is taken up by cooking the brown rice and later stirring. You can text and stir at the same time, carefully)

Serves: A lot. Still eating leftovers over here.


  • 1 bag of fresh cranberries
  • 1/2 onion, chopped (about 1 cup)
  • 2 carrots (or 6 baby carrots), chopped
  • 3 cups low-sodium vegetable broth (my favorite broth- Better Than Bouillon)
  • 1 (15-ounce) can pumpkin pur√©e
  • 1 1/4 cup dry brown rice (cooked 2 1/2 cups)
  • 2 cups thinly sliced kale
  • 1/4¬†teaspoon ground cloves
  • 2 tablespoon minced fresh sage
  • 1 teaspoon minced fresh thyme
  • 1/2 cup chopped pecans, toasted


  1. Cook the rice to package directions (typically 45 mins).  Set aside.
  2. While the rice is cooking, chop your veggies and herbs- carrots, onions, kale, sage and thyme.
  3. Rinse the cranberries in cold water. Line a pan with aluminum foil. Roast the cranberries in the oven at 425¬įF for about 15 mins. They will pop. Set aside.
  4. In a very large pan, take 1 cup of broth and onions and carrots, cook until veggies are very soft.
  5. Put the pumpkin puree, step 4 veggie mixture , and 1/2 cup broth into blender. Blend until smooth.
  6. Bring rice and puree mixture together in pan. Add remaining broth-1 1/2 cup.
  7. Stir in greens, cranberries, and cloves. Cook about 10 mins on medium and stir.
  8. Remove from heat, stir in herbs- sage and thyme.
  9. Plate and garnish with pecans.
  10. Enjoy
  11. I’ll probably be making this again for Christmas, because Mom likes it now. ūüôā


Adapted from: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/recipe/thanksgiving-risotto





Chicago Marathon 2016

All the Miles (from what I remember)…

Mile 0: Cool, calm, and collected. Shockingly, I have never felt this relaxed before a race. Just chilling in corral F.

Mile 0.1: Pacer dude ran into me (he did apologize), coming back from port-o-potty. Someone was having issues…(laughing on the inside).

Mile 0.5: Huh, why do my shorts keep falling down? Oh, I forgot to tie them. I better tie them. Seems like too much effort to¬†tuck the drawstring in, I’ll leave it, that’s cool right?

Mile 1-6: Okay nice and easy. Hmm…I am around this pace group.

Mile 3/4: Family!!

Mile: 6-10: Hmmmm….still with the pacing group. Can’t decide if it’s helpful to stay with them to get by other people or just annoying.

Mile 10: Family!!

Mile 10-16: Settling in. Okay, I’ll pick it up a bit…I got this.

Mile 12: Ashley said, she’d be around here… runs to right side…Hmm, I don’t see her. Mile 13:¬†Bummer, I must have missed her (and apparently the best signs ever- see below).

Mile 13.1: Halfway done!! Wait, I just ran a half!

Mile 13.5: SWATI!! I see SWATI! It’s so cool, she’s rogue with all the bananas. Do I want a banana? Nah, its not part of my fueling plan, but it sounds cool. I’ll just say HI!!! (Swati is a BFF and the coolest most supportive lady! She’s also a vegan. ūüôā

Mile 15: Hey it’s dude¬†from work! I can’t believe I see him. HEY YOU! (Race mind aka what is his name?) Johnny, it’s Johnny. I call him by his name everyday. lol.

Mile 16: I am getting away from this pace group. I can’t deal with them.

Mile 17: HELLO OISELLE! Only clearly recognized 2 ppl. Kinda wanted to stop and hug everyone, but also wanted to keep running. Was afraid of what might happen if I stopped.

Mile 17.1: Family!!

Mile 18: Best Foot Forward and Oak Park Runners Group!! EMILY FROM TRACK! YAY!! This is where I volunteered last year. Maybe, I should volunteer again. Why am I running?

Miles 20-26: is when things got weird. Right before mile 20, I was getting ready to tear it up. I was in the mindset and felt strong. Mile 20- got more crowded. I didn’t know how to not run into people, I kept running into people, because I refused to slow down.

Mile 20.1: searing neck pain (perhaps more on this later, currently in PT and going to the doctor), and I just wanted to quit. All this training, legs injury free, and I have neck pain, I’m done, I’m out. HELLO MED TENT? Ok, I skipped the med tent. I knew I was okay, but I just wanted the neck pain to go away; I couldn’t fight through it. I decided to walk, stretch my neck, and try to finish.

Miles¬†20.2-24:¬†Blur miles, I’m doing this, but pain… What mile is it?

Mile 22: November Project!! Oh, it’s so good they are cheering for people and hugging. I don’t wanna be cheered for…I’m sucking at this…bye, I’m hiding. Embarrassed, just feeling embarrassed.

Mile 22.1: I see another Emily from NP. I say Hi. I can deal with 1 person! I also saw her encouraging another NP’er (from LA, I think). Way to go everyone, we’re doing this.

Mile 24:¬†Hey only 2 more miles! Still lots of ppl, let’s finish this. I wonder if I can catch up to the pace group that passed me….lol. Nope, they too far out. All the med tents, should I stop? Nah, I’ll stop at the end.

Mile 26.2:¬†Hey look I finished STRONG and still under 4 hours…Okay, that’s acceptable.

When your best isn’t really your best. I did my best? But really I did. I keep trying to convince myself. Okay, so it was my best effort despite some issues- namely a cold. A giant head cold. When you have to add RICOLA (yes, I always sing it), you know it’s not gonna be the best run.

Also, I’m not a runner…I didn’t run on a HS or college team, so some things are still strange¬†for me:

  1. running with others or in this case I kept literally running into others…
  2. pacing is still difficult for me…(cough, cough I may have accidentally done some speedy miles during taper time).

Focusing on the good!

  1. I RAN A MARATHON- A WHOLE MARATHON! 26.2 Miles in case, you didn’t know. It feels like the first time, because 2 years I did the marathon injured with a run/ walk strategy. I made it through this time around, injury-free!
  2. FUELING- I have really dialed in my nutrition and fueling. I have found what works for me and am so thankful!
  3. COACH SUPPORT- Coach is the best. Everyone get a coach, very beneficial.
  4. CROWD SUPPORT- Oiselle Cowbell Corner was the best. November Project  Also huge shoutout to anyone that was along the course.
  5. FAMILY SUPPORT- My family made it to 3 locations along the course! Very impressive.

What’s next….Another marathon, maybe? ¬†Maybe a smaller race for a BQing purposes? But definitely more running!!

Psss…If you want the full gory story, ¬†look up my finish line photos and laugh with me. Real running….SMH.

Chicago Marathon 2016, it’s coming

Okay…So I’ve been in denial since signing up for the Chicago Marathon 2016 in April. I keep asking myself, “why did I do this to myself? Won’t I just get injured, again?” And all the training, just all of the training. But, I wanted a second chance at the marathon. I ran Chicago in 2014 and ended up with IT band issues; therefore I ran/ walked. ¬†While, I certainly finished the marathon, it wasn’t what I trained for. So, I’m tackling the marathon again with¬†running coach, all of the glute work, and of course, great nutrition!

I’ve certainly learned a lot along the way like maybe I’m just not a long distance runner. Can I get a high five for the 5k? The 8k distance is also a great one!¬†Anyways, it is true, I’m doing the Chicago Marathon 2016, injury-free/healthy and its taper time (aka Emily is a little nutty, ignoring everyone, and getting all the sleep)!

Although, I will say I’ve enjoyed all my long training runs especially with Lifepoints- Picky Bar Weekend and at Fall Great Lakes Bird Camp with my fellow Oiselle¬†Teammates! More recently, I ran with Heartbreak Hill Running Co in Boston (psss…I’m excited to one day, run the Boston Marathon). My current mantra is “Make it Happen!” And I know that yes, one day I will BQ, if I want to, but until that time, please enjoy this selfie (Oiselle’d out at Heartbreak Running Co. because we all know I’m a heartbreaker! ūüėČ


Psss….the O satellite tank is my favorite tank! ¬†Oh, and more exciting things i.e. more personal blogs to come! Bet you just can’t wait for my Marathon recap!







Spring Race Recap

“Trust in your training,” they say.Training only gets you so far. While it’s a¬†true statement, there’s other factors that affect your race day performance than just your training e.g. nutrition and sleep. In this case, it was sleep (or lack thereof) that got me.

In the spring, while I PR’ed a few races (Women’s Naperville Half), I was slightly bummed about about my race day performance because my training had indicated a faster time. In the end, I think what got me was just lack of sleep/ rest. I was traveling, prior to the half. Slightly short on sleep prevented me from performing my best on race day.

(The featured picture is post half brunch at Egg Harbour Cafe in Naperville. I love some eggs after a run. I’d recommend the Naperville Women’s Half and the cafe. In fact, I’m even already signed up for the 2017 Half.)

Here’s to being more rested and a better summer & fall race season!


Peanut Butter Balls

My favorite recipe from high school. High energy treats perfect for a quick pick me up after an intense workout or run!


  • 1 cup peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup local wildflower honey (for the best flavor)
  • 1/2 cup sunflower seeds
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
  • unsweetened coconut flakes

Mix the first 5 ingredients together! Roll in the coconut flakes. Then boom, you have your balls. So simple, right? But so delicious. Go make your PB balls, now.