Food Trends 2016: Want to be trendy? Here’s how…

Six easy steps to a trendy 2016!! From fermented foods to fresh florals-2016 looks great! Please complete these 6 steps, to be on top of all the trends. Be a real 2016 foodie!

Step 1: Drink Kombucha or some other probiotic carbonated drink option. Make sure to drink it really fast so the bubbles come back through your nose.

Step 2: Go the ocean. Find some seaweed for a quick snack.

Step 3: Full fat is back= eat an entire stick of butter (and nothing else).

Step 4: Fresh florals such as lavender can make great meals. Eat an entire floral meal. Don’t just garnish with the flowers, only eat the flowers.

Step 5: Sautéed Vegetable leaves are a great way to reduce waste. Buy the whole sweet potato plant, cook the leaves, and toss the rest of the plant.

Step 6: Kale remains king of all vegetables (with the queen being Sweet potatoes). Eat kale all day, everyday!

Note: This are all sarcastic recommendations. Please do NOT attempt. I mean you may certainly try some of these food options, just don’t over do it.

Looking forward to what other trends 2016 has to bring! In all seriousness though, feel free to go to your local grocery store, perhaps Trader Joe’s and check out new food offerings.

Photo cred: Myself– The above photo is an example of what an actual “trendy” dish could look like. A mixed green salad (with baby kale & red kale) topped with tuna salad.


Our Best Kale Salad Recipes (C’mon, You Know You Want One)



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