January, Week 1 Training Recap

Week 5 of 5k training

Monday: ~30 min run  and November Project Pop-up at Tribune Tower

Tuesday: Speedwork, 2 miles at pace, 6 miles total, Physical Therapy

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: 7 Miles and Strides, Physical Therapy

Friday: November Project

Saturday:2 YOGA classes

Sunday: 2 Run: 7 miles (very cold miles outside) and 5 miles (treadmill), 1 yoga class, JASyoga recovery session, core & strength work, Edge Compression Recovery Boots

And as always, I am doing physical therapy on my own for both my glutes and arm/ shoulder. It was a rough week, but with the Recovery Boots on Sunday I did NOT need a nap after my long run. I repeat, I did NOT nap after my long run, which has almost never ever happened. I may have to join Edge….seems like a real game changer.



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Kean Nutrition

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Emily’s passion for nutrition began in middle school along with the interest of vegetarianism. Originally from Pennsylvania, Emily Kean earned a B.S.in Nutrition and Food Science with an emphasis in Dietetics from Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA. Kean completed her MBA at Dominican University in River Forest, IL while simultaneously completing the requirements for a dietetic internship. In her free time, Emily enjoys running, doing yoga, and researching nutrition topics. Combining healthy eating and running is passion of mine. Join me on this journey!

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